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okay guys, i finally got my photo sharing site to work. so here's 55 of them. i'm not quite finished uploading them, but this is enough for today.

just keep in mind, that tracy is not in any of these pictures, and these are not the best pictures in the world, and some of them make us look really weird. but we're just a bunch of freaks in a girl band.

key: jakkie - the used tank top | jessica - blonde hair | gaby - plain thin strap black tank top

big props to kat for make-up and photography!! thanx for viewing! hope you liked them! well some of them at least! when gaby gets back, we're going to make an icon for this community since we dont have one yet. hhaha. well, if there are any questions, please comment, or email us at, thanx again to everyone!

thanx for caring. thanx for sharing.

ps. i actually wear glasses, but if you've noticed, i'm not wearing them in any of the pictures. in the next 55 pictures, i think i'm wearing them, but gaby also is and so is jessica. but those are fake glasses. i'm the only one that actually needs them, but yeah. mm.. as i'm looking at the pictures, i'm actually wearing jessica's "glasses" oh well. haha. hope you liked the pictures!
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holy shit i love that redish pink lipstick
you pull that off like whoaa!!
and you are so prettttty! ahhh
why thanx you! =]]
I just noticed, in one of my pics, there is an "F" on the left sided of my chest and it looks like it was painted on there but it is because of my skin thingy, but it looks like and "F" which is the first letter of my last name...YIKKES
in one of my pictures, i should've done 'the lizard'! haha. it's kinda like 'the monster,' that dave gets, but it's different. because i do it purposely and it doesnt really hurt. johnny knoxville can do it. haha. it's fun.
LMAO. when i read that i was laughing like no other. haha. =P
Um okay ew! What an ugly fag I am! I think I actually almost threw up looking at myself. =\
Can't wait until you girls are of legal age. Then I won't feel like such a dirty old perv.