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sipping a foreign drink, i write to you.

hey guys, hope you didnt forget about us! Many changes have been made by me and the girls during our two most recent band meets. Here's the 411:

During the 1st recent band meet, with Gaby, Jessica and I:

Well, as every band does when they first start out, we have a lot of money issues. We discussed the costs of lessons, instruments, and just mainly performance equipment. [Right now you're probably thinking you didnt get a very good introduction to the Teenage Death Girls community. Hopefully this post will be more specific.] And the other day, I wrote a song in my car while leaving the church parking lot, which I never finished. So, at the meet, I also tried to finish the song and add music to it, but I just never finished it.

the light of day slowly leaves me, as we drain the blood.
and the night seeps into me. [into me]
lost in a heart beat. rays of blasphemy swoons me.

i've freed you from this modern decay.
modern decay of sinful love.
a slow apparent suicide that wasn't suppose to occur.

*keep in mind this song is nowhere near finished.*

We also discussed the matters of finding new band members, as in a drummer or bass player. Also keep in mind, the positions are not yet made official.

My thoughts:

I actually think we did pretty good at that meeting. There was actually a lot more fooling around than discussing though. It's hard being in the music business. I'm starting to think the hardest part of being in the band is first starting out. A lot of this stuff we're doing, we aren't ready for, but ya know, people get anxious. I mean, we've been wanting this since we were born and it's pretty much the opportune moment to get started. I've also started to practice vocally, which isn't turning out very good, I keep losing my voice [definatly a negative.] and i'm just not really feeling the way it sounds any more. Maybe it'll get better as I get older but until then we'll just have to wait and see.

As for the money issues, that's definatly another tricky part and another story. We plan to work for money, find jobs, do the usual things people would do to get money.

During the 2nd band meet with Gaby, Tracy and I:

This meet was quite interesting really. We came discussing positions and left dissatisfied. We also conversed about the current members and the former. Basically, just talking about our actions and things we do for the band and things that need to stop; for example: less fooling around and more discussing the matters of importance, which still needs to be worked on a bit.

My Thoughts:

I think the main goal I wanted to achieve was the last point I just made about the 'Less fooling around.' Thats definatly becoming a problem. I mean, it's fun to have band meets, but half of the time some of us are not concentrating, doing something they're not suppose to do, and just sitting around. I shouldn't even be bitching about the lack of work getting done; I should be trying to solve that problem. Bands fight, but I try not to make this such a big part of arguing matters.

What's going on:

-We were actually thinking of dropping one of the girls but we never went on with that. Why? Because it's difficult, second because we will need her later. That whole option kind of flipped on us and now we're thinking of dropping someone else, which I hope does not happen.

-We still need to plan the next band meet. We will probably be discussing a lot of the same things; positions, songs, money, etc. Hopefully we will have all the girls together this time.

-by the end of this summer, we will hopefully caught up with everything and maybe by next summer we will be able to record a demo or at least put it on a tape.

Quick Time-Line of the Band:

-first came me [which was nothing at the time.]
-then Gaby came along
-then good ol' Julie[who was our former bassist but our friendship no longer exists]
-then Amanda or AK, our original drummer.
-then Jessica and Tracy

(a little thing some of you might not have known)

thanx for caring! thanx for sharing!

ps. suggestions will be taken although we might not go through with them. when we're finally able to get out to the world, you can be proud to say you were a TDG fan from the beginning! i heart you guys!
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