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Band Meets

So, We had a band meet recently..I think it overall went preety good. Im sure I probaly pissed off some people *cough* make that did, because I laughed a bit. But, that aside it wentt pretty good:

We worked on Jakkie's song a-bit..I like it I think it'll go over real well with our fans once its complete.
We discussed finaces for Gaby and Tracy's lessons/instruments
We talked about what we should be working on this summer
And we Practiced our stage presence..unfourtonately about half way through I had to sit out because my knee was giving me serious issues.

I really need to talk to my parents about getting some therapy for my is really getting in the way, not only for the band-but in school aswell.*sigh* well that'll come once my parents actually belive me that something is wrong.

As far as the second band meeting which I wasn't able to attend..

Apparently they discussed dropping someone...I really think it was me Jakkie really already posted about the second meet so...I dont really have anything else to say on that topic.

I just feel like..we are all suppose to be best friends...yet it sort of seems like Jakkie and Gaby are making most the decisions...which I can understand because they were the first two in the band, but I feel like they are holding things back. they are talking about dropping a girl..whenever I bring it seems like its a forbidden topic,which,in a band, really can't happen. We need to discuss everything...not keep things from one-another. All I know about someone leaving is exactly that...someone may leave. I dont know who..although its most likely me or Tracy since Jakkie and Gaby were the ones thinking about it.I really think it is me who they are thinking about dropping because I laughed at the frst band meet. Oh well .. that will come as it does.

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