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a little song contribution from my good friend, Jo Proctor.

Unnamed Girl

she sits there
drowning in her tears
she dies
as she finally remembers
all of her forgotten dreams
she stares
every one stares at her now
they all make her something she's not
but in the mist of all this
she finally realises
that her
unnamed face
forgotten grace
endless tears
and all of her fearss
they all add up
to what she has become
they think they have won
but they dont know
this unnamed girl.

--written by Jo Proctor, officially for TDG. i'm currently working on music for it.

Please keep in mind, we DO write our own lyrics. It just so happend, that one day in our 7th period history class she comes up to me and says, 'here you go. it's for TDG. Make it famous. I got bored in math.' So thanx Jo. Much love and appreciation to ya, dear.

Your Darling,

ps. any local 'fans' in the DC area, we are gonna be at warped tour this year! august 4th, kids! look for us, we'll most likely be hanging out with my friend Kit at the zine booth! if not, look for us in the pit, backstage, or crowd surfing. rock on, guys.
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