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it seems like everytime I write in here, i'm eating or drinking something..

well, we're back on square 1 again..

Maybe 2 weeks ago, at the last band meet, we had made a decision that it would be best if tracy left, and by this, i'm making it official.

Now, today, Saturday, March 20, 2004, Jessica is now officially out of the band. it wasn't anything personal, I guess. I think it's more a matter of just being able to deal with the person or getting along with them.

I'm not saying TDG is, as of now, non-existant, we will just be kind of away to the livejournal world for a while. Keep in mind Gaby and I are still here, and we're still working on music and lyrics. Feel free to check up on our personal journas as well. Mine being imyournumbertwo and Gaby's being redfishnets, feel free to also check up on jabbyxcore as well. Although, there won't be too many updates about the band issues and what not.

goodbye for now,

ps. if there are any questions, feel free to email us at thedeathgirls[AT]yahoo[DOT]com
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