Gaby Rizzo (redfishnets) wrote in xtdgx,
Gaby Rizzo


Hey, This is Gaby* of TDG and this community is our journal. All are welcome to view, comment, add to their Friend's List, etc. We wholly appreciate everyone who has already become a member and we thank them. This TDG community/journal is where the band will post information about ourselves, our thoughts, our music and songs we write, and other news.


This coming weekend, TDG will be having a miniature photo shoot and we will be sure to post the photos that turn out best. =D We hope you like them!

The Christmas and New Year's holdays are coming up right around the corner so there will be a lot of song-writing and other ideas for the band although some of us might be traveling or staying home for the holidays.

Thank You for reading. <3

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